Meet the founders

Sylvia Brown

Based in the USA, Sylvia Brown has been working in the economic development sector for thirty years, both in the for profit (investment promotion for emerging markets, micro-finance) and non-profit arenas (United Nations High Commissioner For Refugees, international NGOs, local projects in Croatia, Pakistan and Nepal). Since 2007, she has focused on her own family’s philanthropic interests in history & heritage (including Brown University) and on the social enterprise sector in Rhode Island. Today she advises both donors on their personal strategy and non-profits looking to improve their sustainability and governance practices. Sylvia is fluent in French. Helping other philanthropists “give better” is her way to leverage her own giving.

Sylvia has recently published Grappling With Legacy - Rhode Island's Brown Family and the American Philanthropic Impulse about the history of American giving, as told through the story of eleven generations of her family.


Antonella Miro

Based in the UK, Antonella Miro has thirty years of experience with NGOs at the grassroots level, particularly as a trained therapist in the child disability sector. Since 1991, she has been associated with a major UK based disability charity, KIDS, for which she developed awareness and fundraising campaigns, and is an associate of the strategic fundraising partnership, Scott-Prenn. Antonella is fluent in French, Italian and Spanish. Since the age of 18, Antonella strives to help the disabled and the underpriviledged.  Through Uplifting Journeys, she is able to continue this work, as well as put to good use her languages and network of contacts around the world.