Our Impact

Participants in Uplifting Journeys make a lasting impact on the people and organizations they visit during their program. Upon coming home, they are inspired and empowered to “give better” to their cause of choice.

Here are some of the comments we've received...

“The experience doesn’t stop here for us, as it is now about how we will continue this dialogue we started in our family foundation, in our lives, and in general.” –Uplifting Journeys Participant

"Thank you so much for bringing such a wonderful group to our country. We enjoyed all your comments; your group filled us with energy and inspires us to continue working for a better country and for the improvement of the early childhood ecosystem in Colombia" –Marίa José Rubio, Director of Alliances, Fundaciόn Carulla.

“Here, because you are exploring a new world and new culture, it offers unique personal learning experiences which can be translated into action.” –Uplifting Journeys Participant

"Thank you, thank you, thank you! Just knowing that there are people who take time off their busy agendas to come visit a country like Colombia and who, on top of that, are willing to help is indeed a sign of hope for all of us. Thanks for believing in Tiempo de Juego. We are eager to continue working with you and making the dreams of our participants possible." –Candelaria Lucero Dente, Fundación Tiempo de Juego

“I think that Uplifting Journeys is particularly useful to people serving on Boards as it would enable them to give more thoughtfully instead of just reacting.” –Uplifting Journeys Participant