Our Journeys

Uplifting Journeys programs attract participants from the United States and Europe who are seeking greater meaning in their lives and a way to create lasting, measurable impact. In 2018, Uplifting Journeys will introduce programs specifically for families seeking to develop joint giving strategies.
No previous experience of philanthropy is required, nor is there any expectation of donations. However, we hope that participants will feel sufficiently inspired to make philanthropy an important part of their lives.

Participants will gain an understanding of:

  • How to identify a social issue you feel passionate about and develop a personal theory of change;
  • How to evaluate possible interventions and potential partners so you can make effective investments in non-profits and social enterprises;
  • How to measure the impact and outcomes of your support;
  • How to talk to your children about effective giving and,
  • How to continue your ongoing philanthropic goals and legacy.

Programs take place in a variety of foreign locations that offer thought-provoking social challenges, access to key players, and an engaging setting.  The lessons you learn can be applied to any cause, anywhere.
A typical program offers a mix of workshops, site visits, and a volunteering opportunity - known as an "internship" - in a local non-profit organization. All our activities, choice of hotels and restaurants, integrate local culture and traditions.


Among the unique features of an Uplifting Journeys program is a two-day internship in a local non-profit, which provides the emotional engagement of a hands-on experience. Participants gain valuable insights into the complexities of running a non-profit organization, as well as the tremendous sense of fulfillment such work can bring.