Uplifting Journeys is an immersive donor education program for anyone seeking to learn more about thoughtful and effective giving.

Many of us feel overwhelmed by the social problems that need solving, or unsure about how to evaluate all the non-profit organizations seeking our support. Often, it's hard to find objective data, so emotions and wishful thinking sometimes override logic and thoughtful analysis. However, an exciting new trend is transforming charitable giving. Through initiatives such as ‘Strategic Philanthropy,’ ‘Effective Altruism,’ or ‘Giving 2.0,’ donors large and small are seeking the greatest, most enduring impact by applying evidence and reason - the head as well as the heart - in selecting the causes and organizations they support.  


Uplifting Journeys was created to teach in a simple, cost-effective way how to give more thoughtfully and effectively .



Uplifting Journeys is a life-changing experience that provides participants with a greater connection to the causes of their choosing.

  • We take you places that provide authentic case studies so you return inspired and equipped to give more thoughtfully to any cause, anywhere.
  • We create focused itineraries that combine lively, engaging workshops; informative site visits; and emotionally engaging internships.
  • We connect you with local non-profits, social entrepreneurs, and community leaders for a deeply personal experience.
  • We empower you to research issues, select non-profits to support, measure social impact, and talk to your children about effective giving.