Philanthropy in Sicily: Modern Giving for an Ancient Land
May 6-11,2018

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May 6: Opening Dinner - Our speaker will introduce us to Sicily, placing modern challenges in their historical context and providing a framework for the coming days.

May 7: Researching A Cause; Where To Intervene?  
Case Study: The Migrant Crisis - Large, complex issues often seem overwhelming, leading us to wonder whether our donations really can make a difference.  Using the present migrant crisis as an example, we will learn simple strategies to determine where we can maximize impact. 
We will be briefed on the situation by representatives from international agencies, journalists, social workers and migrants.  We will visit several organizations working with migrants as they wait for their papers and later, as they integrate into their new life in Sicily.  Lunch at the Moltivolti restaurant, a social enterprise run by and for migrants.  Over dinner, we will meet Sicilians involved in archeology and historic preservation.

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May 8: Are You Making A Difference? Measuring Impact  
Case Study: Changing Attitudes for the Post-Mafia Era Everyone wants to know if their donation is making a difference; but some outcomes just cannot be easily measured.  We will examine the work of two national anti-mafia organizations, Adio Pizzo and Libera to learn how to evaluate success.
We will tour the Piazza Magione neighborhood, recently rehabi- litated by Addio Pizzo, then head out of Palermo for lunch at the “Agriturismo” run by Libera Terra, which is bringing new life to confiscated lands around the town of Corleone.  Over dinner, we will discuss the “Sicilian mentality” with a top psychologist. 

May 9: How to pick an organization to support?   
Case Study: Juvenile Justice in Sicily What questions should we ask? What are the best ways to engage? Today, we will learn the importance of helping organizations achieve sustainability.
With three-quarters of its youth unemployed, Sicily faces high levels of juvenile delinquency. We will start the day in a children’s home run by the national organization, Opera Don Calabria to learn about new methods of prevention.  We then will visit the innovative Cotti In Fragranza bakery project in the juvenile prison, a social enterprise that is truly attempting to do good by doing well. In the afternoon, we will meet the remarkable Don Cosimo Scordato to discuss sustainable strategies for transforming the Albergheria neighborhood.  Dinner tonight will be focus on slow food movement.

May 10 & 11: The Internships  
You will spend the next two days volunteering in local organizations, selected based on your personal interests. Each morning, you will be taken on  site with an interpreter.  On Friday afternoon, you will meet with senior staff to discuss the organization’s management challenges.  
Closing dinner on Friday, October 13.  You will present your internship experiences and reconnect with fellow participants to discuss ways to build on this Journey and engagement from home.


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We will be staying in the four-star Grand Hotel Borsa in the center of Palermo.  The hotel, all breakfast, lunches and five dinners are included in the program price. Please alert us well in advance of any special requirement or food allergies. 
There will be a minimum of two hours of free time each afternoon. All transportation from Monday to Friday will be provided. The restaurants are chosen for their high quality food and social purpose.   Wine is included.

No donation is expected.  
Uplifting Journeys pays organizations for their time, the use of their venues, meals served, etc.  However, we maintain a policy of strict neutrality and do not distribute donations.


Participants are strongly encouraged to come early or leave a few days later to enjoy Sicily’s magnificent cultural offerings.  We recommend our local travel agent, BlueStone Travel, which will organize tours at all price levels.


All-inclusive fee: US$ 4,000  
Fee includes six nights hotels stay, all meals (except one dinner), all transportation Monday-Friday, all activities, all gratuities. Fee does not include flights to Sicily, airport transfers, additional alcoholic beverages, room service.
Participants are responsible for their own travel insurance.  
Cancellation policy: US$ 2,000 at registration (refundable), $2,000 due March 15 (non-refundable).